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Skype works at last

Ever since I installed Skype on my 64-bit Debian laptop, skype has behaved erratically, crashing like hell. I finally found the solution in the Linux Mint Community: 1) Install the 32-bit pulseaudio libraries sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386 2) Edit the … Continue reading

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I won a chromebook

Yay! I managed to win the competition in the last Embedded hacking event organized by foss-sthlm and Enea. I won a nice little Samsung ARM Chromebook. Read all about it here: (The rules and questions) (The correct answers)

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Mouse button mapping in Xorg.conf

I purchased a Logitech G400 mouse to temporarily replace my Logitech MX Anywhere mouse, which I forgot at home. I wanted to use the top button for pasting instead of the scroll wheel button, which I feel is too hard … Continue reading

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What is your privacy worth to you?

The Instagram service recently announced their changed Terms Of Service, causing a minor outrage among their users, since the new terms seem to allow for Instagram to use the user-supplied photos for advertising outside the Instagram site. Since they also … Continue reading

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Reverse engineering and Rockbox

Here is my talk from the FOSS Stockholm event we held on October 20 2012. It’s about reverse engineering in general, but specifically the iRiver H100 series of MP3 players. It’s in swedish, by the way.

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DVD::rip not ripping your subtitles?

There is a longstanding bug in the DVD::rip package that prevents it from ripping the subtitles if you are ripping from a directory instead of a mounted DVD. This patch works for me: +++ 2012-02-01 11:59:58.359790393 +0100 @@ -376,6 … Continue reading

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Look like a true Haxx:er

Our new jacket looks good!

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Data partition shrinking on your HTC Desire?

It turns out that HTC logs application crash info in a file called /data/data/ This file can get very big with time. You can safely delete it, reboot and enjoy the reclaimed data space.

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Hacker shoes

ESD protection shoes for real hackers. At least according to the model number.

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convmvfs to the rescue

I had a hard drive with a huge amount of files that was previously connected to my old Linksys NSLU2. For some reason, all the filenames were encoded in the cp437 codepage, and when I mounted the ext3 volume on … Continue reading

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