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Mouse button mapping in Xorg.conf

I purchased a Logitech G400 mouse to temporarily replace my Logitech MX Anywhere mouse, which I forgot at home. I wanted to use the top button for pasting instead of the scroll wheel button, which I feel is too hard … Continue reading

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DVD::rip not ripping your subtitles?

There is a longstanding bug in the DVD::rip package that prevents it from ripping the subtitles if you are ripping from a directory instead of a mounted DVD. This patch works for me: +++ 2012-02-01 11:59:58.359790393 +0100 @@ -376,6 … Continue reading

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convmvfs to the rescue

I had a hard drive with a huge amount of files that was previously connected to my old Linksys NSLU2. For some reason, all the filenames were encoded in the cp437 codepage, and when I mounted the ext3 volume on … Continue reading

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